Q: Where do I get the tickets?
A: Once you book online with your credit card, our in-house software will send you a confirmation receipt, which is YOUR ACTUAL TICKET. If you lose your ticket, that is okay.  Please just call our office at 315.521.0223 to make sure that you are on our manifest.

Q: May we drink wine while en-route on the bus?
A: Our public tour policy is NO drinking on the bus. This Trolley tour is meant to be a fun, safe tour for families and real wine lovers. We are proud to offer a family orientated tour and wish to keep it safe and fun for all ages.  There is enough amazingly good wine for any one person to be had at the wineries on this trail (we have done in-depth research ;)

Q: What if I have to Cancel a reservation?
A: Since each ticket is date specific there are no refunds.

Q: Can we rent out the Trolley Bus for our own private party?
A: Yes you can and there are many vehicles to choose from. Use our fleet for Prom’s, Wedding’s, Nights Out, Shuttles, & other fun events!

Q: What if we are late to our chosen pick-up location and miss the Trolley?
A:Since there is only one Trolley bus running on the schedule, the Trolley must be prompt for all stops.  To adhere to the schedule, they Trolley is unable to turn around or wait for people who are late.  Please be at the pick-up spot on time.  If you do miss the Trolley bus you can always catch it at the latest pick up location.

Q: How often does the Trolley Run?
A: The Trolley runs most Saturdays and occasionally Sunday.  Please email us for weekday options we have with our other tour company. Please refer to the booking page to test book your date for availability.

Q: Are there other public wine tours that we can join?
A: We are the only tour company in the Finger Lakes region to offer scheduled public wine tours.  You may choose from a Cayuga or Seneca public wine tour.

Q: How many seats can we reserve at a time?
A: You may reserve as many seats that are left on the Trolley bus. For special groups we have packages.

Q: Can we get picked up at one of the wineries?
A: You are more than welcomed to meet the Trolley at one of the wineries; however we only visit each winery once, so make sure that you make independent arrangements to get a ride back from one of the drop-off locations to the winery.

Q: Can children join the group?
A: Children are welcome on the tour and most of the wineries do have grape juice available for children. Due to NY Laws, they do have to purchase a ticket for their own seat. FYI-99% of our riders are adults.

Q: Can I pay for the tour at the pick up?
A: All reservations must be prior to the tour on-line and paid with a credit card. If you encounter difficulties after attempting a booking; we can assist you via phone.

Q: What is the Trolley Bus like?
A: The Trolley features Air-Conditioning, padded Oak Bench Style seating, brass or stainless steel rails throughout, pop-top ceiling with colored glass, chandelier lighting, arched side-windows, carpeted, wine storage area, CD Player with the latest in speaker sound system technology, & conductors Bell! The Conductor of the Trolley holds state qualifications and bus driver certifications and puts safety first. The Conductor offers complementary bottles of water along with trail brochures.