Q: Where do I get the tickets?
A: Once you book online with your credit card; our in house software will send you a confirmation recipet. That IS YOUR TICKET. Even if you lost it; thats ok! We have you on our manifest.

Q: May we drink wine while en-route on the bus?
A: Our public tour policy is NO drinking on the bus. This Trolley tour is meant to be a fun, safe tour for families & real wine lovers. We are proud to offer a family orientated tour and wish to keep it classy! Its not a booze cruise. There is enough wine for any one person to be had at the wineries.

Q: What if I have to Cancel a reservation?
A: Since each ticket is date specific there are no refunds.

Q: Can we rent out the Trolley Bus for our own private party?
A: Yes you can & there are more to choose from.

Q: What if we miss the Bus?
A: Since there is only one bus going on a Schedule and we cant turn around you need to be at the pick up spot on-time.

Q: How often does the Trolley Run?
A: Saturday and Sundays seasonally. Check the schedule link for more info.

Q: Why is this the only tour we can join in on? Are there not other tours?
A: No! As far as we know; we are the only company with the infrastructure capable
to offer a service like this.

Q: How many seats can we reserve at a time?
A: How ever many are left on the bus.

Q: Can we get picked up at one of the wineries?
A: No.

Q: Can children join the group?
A: Of course they can. Due to the Law they do have to purchase their own seat.

Q: Can we just pay when we get there?
A: All reservations must be made on-line and paid with a credit card.

Q: Are we Guaranteed a Trolley bus?
A: The Trolley bus services the route 99% of the time. Occassionaly we may substitute a van or bus inplace of the trolley..